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Click on image for details of each piece of artwork.

Tucson at Sunset
Red Rover, Red Rover
Girl Walking her Dog
Boy Walking his Dog
Little Girl with Kitties
Playing in the Puddles
Good friends
A very windy day
Two friends
Three Friends
Bear with honey
Trickling water
West Coast Wine Country
West Coast Wine Country (center)
West Coast Wine Country (Right)
Field of flowers
Gold Finch SOLD
Scarlet Tanager
Momma Cardinal on Branch
Poppa Cardinal on Branch
Vase of flowers purple
Yellow Flowers in Burgundy Vase
Two Vases with Flowers
Tucson Cactus  SOLD
Sunset in the wild
Pink Landscape (left panel)
Pink Landscape (right panel)
Dark Skies Coming
Sun in the Valley
Snow Scene
Colorful landscape

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