Intaglio is a printmaking technique in which lines are incised into a surface.  The incised line, or sunken area, holds ink which is rubbed onto the plate surface.  After ink is wiped off the smooth surface, ink remains in the incised lines.  Paper is placed on top of the plate.  The plate and paper are run through a press to produce an original print.  Multiple prints of the same image can be printed.

Nancy is primarily a printmaker but will explore creative expression in her work with collage, drawings and paintings from time to time.   She is known for her willingness to let go of rules that suppress an idea but values the work of old masters and frequently looks to the work of Winslow Homer, Rembrandt and Picasso for inspiration.  


Nancy earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master's degree in Art Education and taught art in both public and private schools.  She continued her studies at South West School of Art in San Antonio, TX, at West Chester University, PA and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  She has exhibited her work in juried shows in Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.

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What is a mono print?
What is intaglio?
What is encaustic painting

A mono print is a unique print that cannot be replicated.  The monoprints shown in Portfolio 2 are created using a clay slab that is "painted" on with clay slip.  This technique was developed by New London, PA artist Mitch Lyons.  This type of print tends to be vibrant in color with more abstract images than the intaglio/etchings shown on this site.

Encaustic painting, or hot wax painting, is an old master technique. It involves the use of heated beeswax which is colored with pigment and combined with damar resin to harden the wax after painting. The heated mixture allows the artist to etch into the wax surface to create fine lines similar to the etching this artist does on acrylic sheets to produce multiple copies of etchings on paper,however, 

encaustic paintings are one of a kind.