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Etchings (Intaglio)

Click on image for details of each piece of artwork.

August Sunflowers
Darlene's Best Friend
Rest Period
Dixie and Charlie
The lion sleeps
Best Friends
Fly tomorrow?
Robin and babies
Love berries (Cedar waxwing)
Insects??  (Bluebird)
In Charge (Grosbeak)
Where's lunch  (Gold Finch)
Look out (Egret)
Deserted on Rt 340
September DAys
November Cornucopia
October Harvest
December Gifts
School's out
School's out
Charlotte's friends
Sheep herd
West Coast Winery I
West Coast Winery II
Copper Beech Tree
Copper Beech
Scotland Highlands
Scotland sheep
Sheep on the hill
Red Shoes
Moulin Rouge
Gift of love
Open arms
Waterton Lake
Waterton Lake
Forgot my hat!
Do you see it too?
I think they're in love
Tucson Insects
Summer Shells
Buchanan Ave Cherub 1
Buchanon Ave Cherub 3
Buchanon Ave Cherub 2

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