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Red Flowers in White Vase
White Roses
St Stanislaus Kostka Church Coatesville PA
Graystone Manor Coatesville PA
Terracina  Coatesville, PA
Lukens Steel  Coatesville PA
Coatesville Cultural Center
Log House Dowingtown PA
Downingtown PA
Ashbridge House  Downingtown PA
136 E Lanc Ave  Downingtown PA
New Beginnings Church  Downingtown PA
Jesse Meredith House  Downingtown PA
Impala Professional bldg  Downingtown PA
George Washington Inn (now Pook & Pook)
Friends Meeting  Downingtown PA
328 E Lanc Ave  Downingtown PA
315-319 E Lanc Ave  Downingtown PA
Downingtown Residential Area
Downingtown Bank
Downingtown Residential Area
Downingtown Residential Area
Ashbridge House Downingtown PA
410 N Church St West Chester PA
500 W Union West Chester PA
snow squall
Sunflower with Purple
Sunflower blues  SOLD
Sunflower Field
yellow flowers in green vase  SOLD
blue flowers in copper vase   SOLD
Sunflowers in yellow vase - SOLD
Christmas cactus  SOLD
Dancing  to the music
Copper beech  SOLD
tulips  SOLD
Japanese maple in spring  SOLD
Japanese maple in summer SOLD SOLD
Japanese Maple in Fall  SOLD
Japanese Maple in Winter  SOLD
Willow  SOLD
snowy pines  SOLD
Landscape I - SOLD
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